Act No. 3952
December 01, 1972
The Bulk Sales Law,
An Act to Regulate the Sale, Transfer, Mortgage or Assignment of Goods, Wares, Merchandise, Provisions or Materials, in Bulk, and Prescribing Penalties for the Violation of the Provisions Thereof

Acts No. 4113
December 7, 1933
An Act to Prescribe Certain Provisions Concerning Tenancy Contracts on Land Planted to Sugar Cane
Acts No. 4054
February 27, 1933
An Act to Promote the Well-Being of Tenants (Aparceros) in Agricultural Lands Devoted to the Production of Rice and to Regulate the Relations Between Them and the Landlords of Said Lands, and for Other Purposes

Act No. 3815
December 8, 1930
Revised Penal Code, as ammended
An Act Revising the Penal Code and Other Penal Laws

Act No. 2874
November 29, 1919
The Public Land Act, as ammended
To Amend and Compile the Laws Relative to Lands of the Public Domain, and for Other Purposes

Act No. 2711
March 17, 1917
Revised Administrative Code

Act No. 2381
February 28, 1914
An Act Restricting the Use of Opium and Repealing Act Numbered Seventeen Hundred and Sixty-One.

Act No. 2255
February 11, 1913
An Act Prohibiting Manufacture, Possession, and Sale of Dynamite and Other Explosives Without a Special Permit, Providing a Penalty Therefore, and for Other Purposes.
Act No. 2243
February 11, 1913
An Act to Provide for the Record of Mortgages or Trust Deeds Issued By Public Service Corporations to Secure Bonds, and for Other Purposes.

Act No. 2172
February 6, 1912
An Act Authorizing the Establishment of Quarantines and Regulating the Movement of Cattle Within the Territory Under the Exclusive Legislative Jurisdiction of the Philippine Commission.
Act No. 2103
January 26, 1912
An Act Providing for the Acknowledgment and Authentication of Instruments and Documents Without the Philippine Islands.
Act No. 2101
January 24, 1912
An Act to Prohibit Certain Cruel Practices on Horses, and for Other Purposes.

Act No. 1851
June 9, 1908
An Act to Provide for the Protection of Rights of Property in Telegraphic Messages, and to Prevent the Forging or Improper Disclosure of Telegrams.

Act No. 1780
October 12, 1907
An Act to Regulate the Importation, Acquisition, Possession, Use, and Transfer of Firearms, and to Prohibit the Possession of Same Except in Compliance With the Provisions of This Act.
Act No. 1757
October 9, 1907
An Act to Prohibit Gambling, to Repeal Article Eighteen Hundred and One of the Civil Code and Articles Three Hundred and Forty-Three and Five Hundred and Seventy-Nine of the Penal Code.

Act No. 1533
August 30, 1906
An Act Providing for the Diminution of Sentences Imposed Upon Prisoners Convicted of Any Offense and Sentenced for a Definite Term of More Than Thirty Days and Less Than Life in Consideration of Good Conduct and Diligence.
Act No. 1524
August 9, 1906
An Act Providing for the Enforcement of Conditions Made By the Governor-General in the Exercise of His Discretion in Granting Conditional Pardons.
Act No. 1459
April 1, 1906
The Corporation Law
An Act Providing for the Formation and Organization of Corporations, Defining Their Powers, Fixing the Duties of Directors and Other Officers Thereof, Declaring the Rights and Liabilities of Shareholders and Members, Prescribing the Conditions Under Which Such Corporations May Transact Business, and Repealing Certain Articles of the Code of Commerce and All Laws or Parts of Laws in Conflict or Inconsistent With This Act

Act No. 1285
March 6, 1905
An Act Authorizing the Incorporation of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the Philippine Islands, Defining Its Powers and Providing for Its Government.

Act No. 667
March 6, 1903
An Act Prescribing the Method of Applying to Governments of Municipalities, Except the City of Manila, and of Provinces for Franchises to Construct and Operate Street Railway, Electric Light and Power and Telephone Lines, the Conditions Upon Which the Same May Be Granted, Certain Powers of the Grantees of Said Franchises and of Grantees of Similar Franchises Under Special Act of the Commission, and for Other Purposes.

Act No. 536
November 25, 1902
An Act to Provide for Wholesome Food Supplies and to Prevent Cruelty to Animals in Transportation
Act No. 496
November 6, 1902
An Act to Provide for the Adjudication and Registration of Titles to Lands in the Philippine Islands

Act No. 55
December 5, 1900
An Act to Provide for Wholesome Food Supplies and to Prevent Cruelty to Animals in Transportation
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