An Act Excluding from the Operation of Proclamation Numbered Four Hundred Seventy-Eight, Series of Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Eight, Which Established the National Park Reservation Situated in the City of Olongapo, Island of Luzon, a Certain Portion of the Land Embraced Therein and Ceding the Ownership and Possession Thereof to the Government of the City of Olongapo to be Used Exclusively for Cultural Trade and Tourism Center Site Purposes Under the Provisions of Republic Act Numbered Forty-Six Hundred and Forty Five, as Amended, Otherwise Known as the Charter of the City of Olongapo, and the Provisions of Commonwealth Act Numbered One Hundred Forty-One, as Amended, the Public Land Act

Section 1. A certain portion of land otherwise known as Lot 21, Ts-308 in the City of Olongapo which, under Proclamation Numbered Four hundred seventy-eight, Series of Nineteen hundred and sixty-eight, forms part of the area declared as National Park Reservation in the City of Olongapo, is detached and excluded from said National Park Reservation.

Lot 21, Ts-308 is more particularly described and bounded as follows:

"A parcel of land situated in Poblacion, City of Olongapo, Island of Luzon, Bounded on the W., along line 1-2 by Magsaysay Drive; on the N., along lines 2-3-4 by East 1st Street; on the NE., along lines 4-5-6 by Lot 3099, Ts-308 and Drainage Canal; along line 6-7 by Lot 3100, Ts-308 and Drainage Canal; on the E., along line 7-8 by Drainage Canal; on the S., along line 8-9 by Bajac Bajac Channel and on the W., along line 9-1 by Magsaysay Drive. Beginning at a point marked 1 of Lot 21, Ts-308, being S. 09-07 E., 898.62 m. from BLLM 1; thence

N. 03-28 E., 26.07 m. to point 2;

N. 35-06 E., 2.26 m. to point 3;

N. 86-55 E., 55.38 m. to point 4;

N. 03-42 W., 33.96 m. to point 5;

N. 77-36 E., 12.57 m. to point 6;

N. 80-36 E., 32.12 m. to point 7;

N. 04-03 E., 50.81 m. to point 8;

N. 84-15 W., 104.15 m. to point 9;

N. 00-15 W., 51.23 m. to point 1;

point of beginning. Containing an area of seven thousand seventy-nine (7,079) square meters. All points are marked on the ground by B.L. Cyl. Conc. Mons. Bearings true."

Section 2. The ownership and possession of Lot 21, Ts-308 is hereby ceded to the Government of the City of Olongapo to be used exclusively for cultural, trade and tourism center site purposes under the provisions of Republic Act Numbered Forty-six hundred and forty-five, as amended, otherwise known as the Charter of the City of Olongapo, and the provisions of Commonwealth Act Numbered One hundred forty-one, as amended, otherwise known as the Public Land Act.

Section 3. In the event that private rights or an equity to any portion of the said lots have been acquired by any private party, such rights or equity should be recognized by the City of Olongapo and the corresponding compensation or reimbursement therefor should be provided for in accordance with existing laws.

Section 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: June 12, 1985

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