An Act Amending Section Thirty-Six of Presidential Decree Numbered Seven Hundred Five, Otherwise Known as "The Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines"

Section 1. Section thirty-six of Presidential Decree Numbered Seven hundred five is amended by adding another paragraph after paragraph (h) to read as follows:

"In addition to the incentives under this section, private landowners who engage in tree farming on areas fifty hectares or below by planting their lands with Ipil-Ipil and other fast-growing trees shall be exempt from the inventory requirement and other requirements before harvest as provided in this Decree for lessees of forest lands of the public domain: Provided, That the transport of trees cut shall be accompanied by the corresponding certificate of origin duly issued by the authorized forest officer."

Section 2. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.1‚wphi1

Approved: April 5, 1984

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