An Act Amending Presidential Decree Numbered Twelve Hundred Forty-Seven, Creating the Municipality of San Mariano, in the Province of Davao

Section 1. Section one of Presidential Decree Numbered Twelve hundred and forty-seven is amended by adding thereto a new paragraph to read as follows:

"The technical description of the Municipality of San Mariano, formerly Marasugan, Tagugpo and Caragan valleys of the municipalities of Pantukan, Mabini, and New Bataan, Province of Davao, is as follows, to wit: from the point 01 of the beginning equals MBM No. 15, CAD-282 of the boundary of the municipalities of Nabunturan and New Bataan, thence to corner 2, equals MBM No. 14, CAD-282 equals MBM No. 8, CAD-277 of the boundary of New Bataan, Davao, and Caraga, Davao Oriental, south 83 degrees 00 minute east., distance 21,600.00 meters; thence to corner 3, equals MBM No. 9. CAD-277, of the municipalities of Pantukan, Davao and Luponcaraga, Lupon, and Manay, Davao Oriental, due south, distance 16,250.00 meters; thence to corner 4, on mountain side along the boundary of Pantukan, Davao and Lupon, Davao Oriental, south 70 degrees 00 minute west., distance 21,900.00 meters; thence to corner 5, on mountain side north 25 degrees 00 minute west., distance 12,500.00 meters thence to corner 6, on mountain side north 10 degrees 00 minutes east., distance 10,400.00 meters; thence to point of beginning, north 28 degrees 35 minutes east., distance 5,468.00 meters. Containing an area of sixty-three thousand seven hundred (63,700) hectares more or less."

Section 2. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: March 7, 1984

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