An Act Directing the National Historical Institute to Transfer to and Provide for the Interment of the Mortal Remains of General Leandro Locsin Fullon in the Monument to be Erected in His Honor at the Public Plaza in the Municipality of Hamtic, in the Province of Antique, and Providing Funds Therefor

Section 1. The National Historical Institute is directed to transfer the mortal remains of General Leandro Locsin Fullon, hero of Panay, from the present burial site in La Paz Cemetery in the Municipality of Hamtic, Province of Antique, and provide for the interment in the monument to be erected in his honor at the public plaza in the Municipality of Hamtic, Province of Antique.1a\^/phi1 The monument and the public plaza of Hamtic, Antique, shall thereafter be known as the General Leandro Locsin Fullon National Shrine.

Section 2. The funds necessary for the implementation of this Act shall be charged to the appropriations of the National Historical Institute in the current General Appropriations Act. In case of deficiency, the appropriations herein provided may be augmented from the special activities fund intended for special priorities currently authorized in the same Act.

Section 3. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: November 14, 1982

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