An Act Creating the Municipality of Tinoc in the Province of Ifugao

Section 1. The barangays of Ahin, Danggo, Tinoc, Tucucan, Tulludan, Gumhang, Wangwang, and Binablayan, all in the Municipality of Hungduan, and the barangays of Bokiawan, Nunggulunan, Hapao and Loboong, all in the Municipality of Banaue, Province of Ifugao, are hereby separated from said municipalities and constituted into a distinct and independent municipality which is hereby created, to be known as the Municipality of Tinoc. The seat of government of the new municipality shall be at Barangay Tinoc.

Section 2. The Municipality of Tinoc shall be bounded in the east by the ridge of Julongan Mountain in Kiangan extending to the Maduntog Mountain ridge in the southeast following the existing boundary between the mother Municipality of Hungduan and Municipality of Kiangan; the boundary in the west shall be the existing and recognized boundary between the provinces of Benguet and Ifugao, from the ridge of Mount Pulog to Mount Data in the Mountain Province; the boundary in the north shall start from Mt. Data to the ridge of Julongan Mountain following Inlimog River and crossing Wangwang River.

Section 3. After a majority of votes cast in a plebiscite which shall be conducted within one hundred and twenty days after approval of this Act in the areas composing said proposed municipality, the incumbent mayor of Hungduan who is permanent and bona fide resident of Tinoc shall automatically be the mayor of said proposed new municipality. The incumbent vice-mayor of Hungduan who is likewise a permanent and bona fide resident of what will remain as the mother municipality shall automatically be the mayor thereof. Incumbent councilors who reside in the proposed new municipality shall be absorbed in the municipal council thereof and the rest who need to be added to complete the number of councilors shall be appointed by the President. The same shall be true with respect to the mother municipality. All such officials shall reserve in their respective capacities until their successors shall have been elected in the succeeding general local elections and shall have qualified.

Section 4. The Commission on Elections shall conduct and supervise the plebiscite which shall be held within one hundred and twenty days from the approval of this Act.1awp++i1 The expenses for the holding of such plebiscite shall be charged to local funds.

Section 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: March 16, 1982

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