An Act to Amend Articles Nine and Ten, Chapter Two, Preliminary Title, of Presidential Decree Numbered Four Hundred Forty-Two, as Amended, Otherwise Known as the Labor Code of the Philippines, in Order to Remove Discrepancies with Presidential Decree Numbered Twenty-Seven Which Said Chapter Purports to Reproduce

Section 1. In order to remove apparent but unintended discrepancies of Chapter II, Preliminary Title, of Presidential Decree Numbered Four hundred forty-two, as amended, otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines, with Presidential Decree Numbered Twenty-seven which said Chapter purports to reproduce, Articles 9 and 10 said Chapter are hereby amended, correspondingly, to read as follows:

"Art. 9. Determination of land value. Fo - the purpose of determining the cost of the land to be transferred to the tenant-farmer, the value of the land shall be equivalent to two and one-half (2 1/2) times the average harvest of three (3) normal crop years immediately preceding the promulgation of Presidential Decree No. 27 on October 21, 1972.

"The total cost of the land, including interest at the rate of six percent (6%) per annum, shall be paid by the tenant in fifteen (15) years of fifteen (15) equal annual amortization.

"In case of default, the amortization due shall be paid by the farmersí cooperative in which the defaulting tenant-farmer is a member, with the cooperative having a right of recourse against him.

"The government shall guarantee such amortization with shares of stock in government-owned and government-controlled corporations."

"Art. 10. Conditions of ownership - No title to the land acquired by the tenant-farmer under Presidential Decree No. 27 shall be actually issued to him unless and until he has become a full-fledged member of a duly recognized farmersí cooperative.

"Title to the land acquired pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 27 or the Land Reform Program of the Government shall not be transferable except by hereditary succession or to the Government in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 27, the Code of Agrarian Reforms and other existing laws and regulations."

Section 2. Any law, rule, regulation, circular or memorandum inconsistent with this Act is hereby declared null and void.

Section 3. This Act shall take effect immediately upon its approval.

Approved: June 6, 1979

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