An Act Separating the Sub-Province of Aurora from the Province of Quezon and Establishing it as an Independent Province

Section 1. The Sub-province of Aurora is hereby declared separated from the Province of Quezon and constituted into a separate and independent province, to be known as the Province of Aurora.

Section 2. The incumbent officials of the Sub-province of Aurora shall continue to perform their duties as such officials in the province herein created until the provincial officials of the new province shall have been appointed by the President (Prime Minister). Such officials thus appointed shall hold office until their successors have been elected and qualified.

Section 3. The funds and obligations and the property of all kinds owned by and/or to be assigned to the Sub-province of Aurora shall, upon the establishment of the new Province of Aurora, become the property of and/or be assigned to the latter.

Section 4. The new province shall have its seat of government in the municipality of Baler, and shall begin to exist on the date fixed in a proclamation to this effect by the President (Prime Minister) after a plebiscite and upon the appointment and qualification of its officers.

The Commission on Elections shall supervise the conduct of the plebiscite to be held pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1577 not later than six (6) months from the effectivity of this Act.1‚wphi1

Section 5. Except as herein provided, all provisions of law now or hereafter applicable to regular provinces shall be applicable to the new province of Aurora from the date its existence is proclaimed. The new province of Aurora shall be within the jurisdiction of the 9th Judicial District.

Section 6. The expenses in holding the plebiscite provided in Section 4 hereof shall be supported by the appropriation provided for the Commission on Elections.

Section 7. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: November 21, 1978

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