The following Act of the Congress of the United States, having been approved by the President of the United States on the thirtieth day of January, anno Domini nineteen hundred and three, is hereby published for the information and guidance of all concerned:

"An Act to promote the efficiency of the Philippine Constabulary, to establish the rank and pay of its commanding officers, and for other purposes.

"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That officers of the Army of the United States may be detailed for service as chief and assistant chiefs not to exceed in number four, of the Philippine Constabulary, and that during the continuance of such details the officer serving as chief shall have the rank, pay, and allowances of brigadier-general, and the officers serving as assistant chiefs shall have the rank, pay, and allowances of colonel: Provided, That the difference between the pay and allowances of the officers so detailed in the grades from which they are detailed shall be paid out of the Philippine Treasury.

SEC. 2. That any companies of Philippine Scouts ordered to assist the Philippine Constabulary in the maintenance of order in the Philippine Islands may be placed under the command of officers serving as chief or assistant chiefs of the Philippine Constabulary, as herein provided: Provided, That when the Philippine Scouts shall be ordered to assist the Philippine Constabulary, said Scouts shall not at any time be placed under the command of inspectors or other officers of the Constabulary below the grade of assistant chief of Constabulary.

"Approved, January 30, 1903."

Done at the city of Manila this twenty-seventh day of March, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and three.

WM. H. TAFT, Civil Governor.

By the Civil Governor:
A. W. FERGUSSON, Executive Secretary.

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