EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 246 July 24, 1987


WHEREAS, the President of the Philippines is mandated to complete the reorganization of the government, promote internal stability and preserve sovereignty under the new Constitution;

WHEREAS, there is a need to establish and maintain a mechanism under the Office of the President to integrate national intelligence to insure the stability of government;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, CORAZON, C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the sovereign people and the New Constitution, do hereby order:

Sec. 1. The National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, hereinafter referred to as NICA, is hereby created under the Office of the President to replace the National Intelligence Security Authority (NISA), and the Civil Intelligence and Security Agency (CISA), which are hereby abolished.

Sec. 2. The NICA shall be the focal point for the direction, coordination and integration of government activities involving intelligence, and the preparation of intelligence estimates of local and foreign situations for the formulation of national policies by the President.

Sec. 3. The NICA shall be headed by a Director-General who shall be assisted by a Deputy Director-General. Both officials shall be appointed by the President and shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.

Sec. 4. The Deputy Director-General shall assist the Director-General in the performance of his functions and, in his absence, perform the functions of the Director-General.

Sec. 5. The NICA shall be under the administrative supervision of, and give support services to, the National Security Council; however, the agency may report directly to the President, as the President may require.

Sec. 6. The National Intelligence Board (NIB) shall continue to serve as the advisory body to the Director-General of NICA for the coordination and integration of intelligence activities in the Government.

Sec. 7. The members of the National Intelligence Board shall be appointed by the President. The National Security Director may sit in all meetings of the Board.

Sec. 8. The organization of the NICA shall consist of the following:

a) The Office of the Director-General which shall undertake the overall management and operation of the various components of the agency, provide executive staff support, public relations, legal service, and internal audit for the Agency;

b) The Directorate for Operations, headed by the Assistant Director-General for Operations, which shall be responsible for the collection of information;

c) The directorate for Production, headed by the Assistant Director-General for Production, which shall responsible for the preparation of intelligence estimates and other reports, and the maintenance of automated data processing for the Agency;

d) The Directorate for Administration, headed by the Assistant Director-General for Administration, which shall be responsible for personnel and training, transportation and communications, supplies and materials, grounds and buildings maintenance, security, and other support services;

e) The Management and Planning Office which shall formulate plans, policies and programs on the direction, integration and coordination of national intelligence activities and on the operation and management improvement of the Agency;

f) The Office of the Comptroller which shall provide financial management and control for the Agency; and

g) As many Field Stations as may be determined by the Director-General which shall undertake intelligence collection activities and provide reports necessary for the preparation of assessments and estimates.

Sec. 9. The organization staffing pattern of the NICA shall be recommended by the Director-General for the approval of the President.

Sec. 10. All funds, records, equipment, buildings, facilities and other properties of NISA and CISA, and such personnel as may be necessary based on qualifications and merit, as determined by the Director-General of NICA shall be transferred to the appropriate offices and divisions of the NICA. Thereafter, such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Executive Order shall be included annually in the General Appropriations Act.

Sec. 11. All personnel whose services are terminated as a result of the abolition or reorganization of NISA and CISA shall receive the retirement benefits to which they may be entitled under existing laws, rules and regulations. Otherwise, they shall be paid the equivalent of one-month basic salary for every year of service or the equivalent nearest fraction thereof favorable to them on the basis of the highest salary received, but in no case shall such payment exceed the equivalent of twelve (12) months salary.

Sec. 12. All laws, presidential decrees, executive orders, letters of instructions, and edicts which are inconsistent with this Executive Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

Sec. 13. The invalidity or unconstitutionality of any provision of this Executive Order shall not affect other provisions thereof which shall continue to be in full force and effect.

Sec. 14. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 24th day of July in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Seven.

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