BAR BULLETIN NO. 33, S. 2022


As of today, 16.8% of the 8,546 Bar examinees who have responded to an email sent by the Office of the Bar Chairperson are any of the three: positive for COVID-19; living with someone positive for COVID-19 or under quarantine due to a direct contact. They are at risk of not being able to take the Bar Examinations if the original schedule of January 23 to 25, 2022 were to push through.

Also given the current infection rate and quarantine situation of the Bar personnel, 16 of the 31 teams that will be deployed will be critically understaffed if the current schedule were maintained.

Considering these numbers, as well as the projections of the Court's expert consultants on the progress of this current COVID-19 surge, the Supreme Court En Banc has unanimously decided that the bar Examinations be rescheduled to February 4, 2022; and February 6, 2022, Sunday.

The Court expressed its gratituted to the following local governments, whose indispensable help in these times has consistently remained responsive:

National Capital Region

1. Makati City

2. Pasay City

3. Manila City

4. Quezon City

5. Taguig City


1. Baguio City

2. San Fernando, La Union

3. Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

4. Bayombong Neuva Vizcaya

5. Angeles, Pampanga

6. Lipa City, Batangas

7. Calapan City, Mindoro

8. Naga, Camarines Sur


1. Iloilo City

2. Bacolod City

3. Cebu City

4. Dumaguete City

5. Tacloban City


1. Zamboanga City

2. Cagayan De Oro City

3. Iligan City

4. Davao City

5. General Santos City

The Court also thanks that will host the Command Center and serve as local testing centers. Their continuing support has been overwhelming and heartwarming.

All existing instructions in previous Bar Bulletins not affected by this decision remain effective. All examinees will be advised to strictly undergo quarantine by January 20, 2022, Thursday.

An email address ( has been created for any concerns which are not within the competence of the various help desk already created.

Bar examinees are urged to remain in solidarity with those who have been severely affected by this pandemic and the last typhoon. Lawyering is not only about you. It is a noble profession founded on compassion for others.

Be patient. Take a few days off to regain your composure and then continue with your preparations.

Soon, those who have determination, tenancity, and resilience to overcome these challenges will become great lawyers who will serve our people well.

January 14, 2022

For meaningful freedoms,

Associate Justice and
2020/21 Bar Examinations Chairperson

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