An Act Providing for the Compulsory Immunization of Livestock, Poultry and Other Animals Against Dangerous Communicable Diseases

Domestic Animal Disease Prevention and Control Act of 1980

Section 1. Title. This Act shall be known as "the Domestic Animal Disease Prevention and Control Act of 1980."

Section 2. Objectives. The objectives of this Act are:

a. To protect the livestock and poultry population of the Philippines against the ravages of dangerous communicable animal and avian diseases;

b. To accelerate the development of the livestock and poultry industry in the country;

c. To free the country from dangerous animal and avian diseases in order that livestock, poultry and their products exported from the Philippines are not discriminated in the foreign trade; and

d. To stress emphasis on the conservation of farm animals used for work and breeding by rural farmers.

Section 3. Animal vaccination made compulsory. The Minister of Agriculture shall make compulsory the vaccination of susceptible animals and poultry should there be a threat or existence of a highly communicable animal or avian disease in a certain locality. Such susceptible species of animals shall be vaccinated as frequently as deemed necessary by the Director of the Bureau of Animal Industry.

Section 4. Owner’s duty. It shall be the duty of every owner, custodian or caretaker to present the susceptible domestic animal or poultry in his possession or custody for vaccination when required by the Bureau of Animal Industry and to cooperate with the agents in order to facilitate the vaccination of said animals.

Section 5. Rules and regulations. The Director of Animal Industry is empowered to promulgate rules, regulations and guidelines subject to the approval of the Minister of Agriculture to effectively implement the intent and spirit of this Act.

Section 6. Penalty clause. Any person who violates the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine in an amount not less than two hundred nor more than one thousand pesos or imprisonment for not less than thirty days nor more than six months or both at the discretion of the court.

Section 7. Repeal. All laws, rules or orders or parts thereof inconsistent herewith are repealed or modified accordingly.1âwphi1

Section 8. Effectivity. This Act shall take effect upon approval.

Approved: December 27, 1980

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